Morocco Feb 2016

Inside Anchor Point - P.C Morocco Surf Photography
I think every Irish/European surfer who dabbles in surfing, has a stint in Morocco at some stage in their life, be it for the warmer climate and forgiving beginner beach breaks in the summer months, or the less forgiving, but perfect peeling offshore walls for the more advanced surfers. For the more adventurous surfer there are so many hidden gems to be found up the coast.  There really is nowhere else as close to Europe that has as many perfect peeling right-handers along such a long stretch of coastline.
Somewhere further north - P.C Kevin Doyle
We all know swells can be fickle, but if you go to Morocco for a week or two at the right time of year, you will more likely than not end up getting some of the longest and best waves and barrels that you'll probably ever get (unless your from Indo), especially if your a regular footer! With the added bonus of wearing less rubber and not getting claw hands,numb feet, Morocco is definitely the place to go for a winter surf break without burning a massive hole in the pocket.
Somewhere further North
For me, this wasn't my first time in Morocco, but my best and most enjoyable by far. This was largely down to the fact that I went there my equally as surf obsessed brother who rips...and always pushes me in the water to surf bigger waves and go harder! We chose the surf guide option which pretty much made the trip. Not only did the surf guides take us to the best spots everyday, they surfed with us, had the banter with us and brought us to some uncrowded pumping spots a little further afield. Instead of trying to figure this all out for ourselves, we were able to kick back and enjoy it a lot more. 
Mysteries - P.C Morocco Surf Photography

Apart from surfing everyday, and another advantage to having the surf guide option, was that we met some cool, like-minded similar level surfers from different countries staying at the surf camp which made surfs more fun and dinner time a good time for socializing and trying some of the local Moroccan cuisine. 
If you manage to avoid drinking tap water and eating anything too dodge, you may escape the inevitable Moroccan belly that seems to nab everyone as some stage. Luckily I escaped until heading home but the bro wasn't so lucky and had to sit out a few sessions. Just remember to pack some medicine in with your first aid kit! Speaking of which a first aid kit is an essential. The rocks hurt a lot more in Morocco than they do at home in the thicker suits...six weeks later I still have odd looking reef scars from getting swept off a rock at Boilers (It was a freak wave..honestly!).

My Bro Kev pulling in.
Kev ripping at Draculas
My advice to those planning a Morocco surf trip is to hut the gym beforehand. I was so glad to have prepared for this trip by upping the gym and pool sessions in the weeks leading up to it. Like any trip, there is no point in having epic waves and then not having the energy or paddle fitness to keep going or to squeeze that third surf in. Personally, I prepare with some surf specific pool sessions and a mix of cardio/strenght specific gym sessions. I also like to mix it up with some TRX and core work. Each to their own, as long as your feeling good on the surfboard and able to recover for the next day. Over all you will enjoy the trip a lot more. Also, If your a picky eater and have room in the bag, I'd pack some of your favorite healthy snacks and multivitamins/Spirulina etc. This way you can be sure you have enough energy for that dawnie before breakfast.
P.C - Katrien Joossen

P.C - Katrien Joossen

P.C - Katrien Joossen
Of course we managed a few sunset beers, a bbq, a great game of beach soccer and bit of partying. After travelling the past number of years, I've learned that a trip is as good as what you make it. If you make the effort to meet new people, try new things and take opportunities as they arise, you will have a far better experience than just rocking up for the sun and surf.  Thanks Surf Maroc for your hospitality. Looking forward to going back next year for some more adventures.

Thanks to Billabong,  Quiver and  Freedom Surf School for the support and  Morocco Surf Photography for the shots. 

Sunset beach soccer  P.C Katrien Joossen
P.C Kevin Doyle