Tenerife - October 2013

With a week off  from work, and my birthday approaching, naturally it was easy to justify a week of surf, sun and training in the beautiful Canary Island of Tenerife. As much as I love surfing Irish waves, it was a treat to be able to spend a week in boardies and summer suits and not have to wear shoes! I want to improve my surfing I joined  up a bootcamp run by Jez Browning (Unisurfity.com), which was well worth it. I really gained from his coaching and video analysis. The rest of the guys on the trip were great fun, even if they did make fun of my Irish accent :) 

Photo by Jez Browning
The first day of the trip was one of the best, with some great waves at Las Americas over a reef/beach. There were some fun wedgie right-handers in the morning, followed by some exploring and another fun sunset surf that evening.
Photo by Jez Browning
 I was  amazed at some of the views from the house we stayed in high up on the mountain side, and the views we had while driving to different surf spots each day. I never knew how beautiful Tenerife was, but then again I had never been there before. If I was to go back again I'd explore even more and bring a good camera.

Beautiful Volcanoes to be seen all over Tenerife

This is where a James Bond movie scene was shot!
Photos by Jez Browning

We had some bigger days in Las Americas, one in particular, which was sweet..but not such a fun paddle out! I really enjoyed the challenge that Jez set us that day which was whoever got  the longest wave (size dependent) won a T-Shirt. I enjoyed the surf a lot that day, and the challenge, especially beating the boys and taking home the T-Shirt. Surfing big messy  Irish waves and being very competitive must count for something! :)
Photo by Jez Browning
Photo by Jez Browning

Photo by Jez Browning          
Jez and his father were super at catching all our waves on camera and talking us through what we needed to work on and going through the video footage back at the house, usually after an unreal home cooked meal. This was a really fun reef break close to where we were staying, with both a left-hander and a right hander and nobody on it! One of the more enjoyable surfs of the trip

More fun waves at Las Americas.
This was one of my favorite spots that we surfed, about an hour up the coast, where we climbed down a massive cliff to get to the beach. I felt so tiny surfing beneath a huge cliff which then led into a volcano. Such a cool surf spot that is worth surfing for both the views and the super fun right-hander reef break.
So I really enjoyed my trip and would totally recommend a surf trip here for any level. The surf was really good for improving on, with a choice of different styles of waves. It was sunny, warm, not too expensive and the food and people were great, what more could you want :) Thanks again to Jez at Unisurfity for all the coaching and for filming most of the trip. Hope to get on another trip with these guys in the new year! :)